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  Training & Capacity Building

CMI Social Research Centre offers a wide range of services and experience in building capacities and providing training to corporates, governments, civil society, entrepreneurs and young people to promote efficient and sustainable development programs worldwide.

We facilitate learning and strengthening of the skills of local entrepreneurs and medium and small-sized businesses to stimulate their growth. We design and deliver a range of programmes including local capacity to help incubate start-up businesses and support them to develop their business promotion and marketing plans.

We have also worked on assignments where the management, regulation and participation in environmental and social governance requires efficient management structures and continual learning to ensure participants are informed of new and evolving best practices.

CMISRC offers carefully crafted capacity building and training solutions ranging from one day events to long-term programs, including:

  • Benchmarking
  • Workshop development, instruction and/or facilitation
  • Needs assessment and training
  • Identifying competencies/qualifications and development plans
  • Course development (i.e., manuals, curriculum, etc.)

We use the knowledge of our core team to work with local partners and involve expert associates.

Our Smart Sessions program includes modules for developing and designing customized training sessions keeping a perfect balance of the training needs and capacities of the trainees

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