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  Business Advisory Service

We can assist you with all types of corporate transactions. Our range of services include advising businesses on global expansion, Public Private Partnership deals, undertaking financial planning & feasibility studies, HR strategy and fraud investigation.

Our business advisory comprises of a suite of strategy consulting capabilities which are directed towards enabling you to seamlessly achieve your business and operational objectives.

We have designed our advisory services to unlock the potential for growth for our dynamic clients. Leveraging on the ability of our professionals to offer distinctive, high quality and personalized services to businesses worldwide, we have emerged as the partners of choice for decision makers operating across Indian markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not only a matter of public relations or random philanthropic sentiments but also a strategic initiative that is carefully integrated into business functions. Our CSR & Sustainability professionals comprise a multi-disciplinary & multi-lingual team of social, environmental, infrastructure & IT experts, MBAs, CFEs, former police officers, investigators and accountants with specialized skill sets and years of national and international monitoring experience across industries like Manufacturing, Retail, Power, Health, IT&ITES, Real Estate, Investment, Government, NGO, etc.

Our Strategic services can help organizations evolve with the changing business environment at each step in the organizational journey; from concept validation to strategy implementation; from operationalization to exit planning. At every stage in the business life cycle, there are potential opportunities for further success which are often disguised as challenges. At such junctures, having an expert group of advisers who work closely with the client to unlock these opportunities is often invaluable

We believe that each client situation is truly unique and we can assist organizations, with services that are customized for each client. These services are grouped into four service lines for greater focus.

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