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  Info Management Solutions

The information technology division of CMISRC, was inculcated keeping our corporate philosophy in mind i.e. To give excellent service to the common person at best prices. Until date, among the various activities in this division this motto is fully and fervently implied and implemented.

The strength of the division is derived directly by the highly skilled, trained and experienced software professionals who have very versatile and rich experience in their respective fields.

This bank of excellent grey matter when combined with state of the art technology in terms of software and hardware brings out world-class quality output, which makes us a company thoroughly trusted by our esteemed clients.

Our Solution Providing Approach
Our highly skilled teams of professionals manage the entire software development life cycle from initial strategic decision through development, building, implementation and maintenance. We are committed to offering the most effective solutions that match your unique requirements. We work with you to find the best approach, given your budget and time frame. Our technology infrastructure is capable of handling new and emerging technologies. Whereas our design and engineering services continue to focus on reliable, robust and scalable solutions.

System Analysis & Design Consultancy
Our approach to provide solutions to you is to identify and develop the perfect systems approach to problem solving using computer based systems. We begin with understanding the concept of how your organization/project operates as a system and then design an appropriate computer based system that meet your organizationís requirements. During the analysis an in-depth study is undertaken pulling in various resource persons of the related fields and a final requirement analysis is being derived to. We advice the required designs

Software Development
We design the plan to develop the software, and in various phases and modules the structure of the proposed application is written. In continuation of the planned approach a need based design of the various modules are then allocated to different teams specializing in their respective fields. On receipt of the fully developed and tested modules the integrated application is then tested thoroughly before it is implemented at the clientís place.

We also specialize in helping the organization and its people in switching over/starting up on the new systems developed by us. Though an easy to adapt system is also the primary objective of our development team but necessary training of the operations to ensure compatibility of the end users and requisite transfer of skills and knowledge is part of our delivered package. Our team of consultants specializes in large scale man power training operations and we also undertake deployment of professional staff for implementation if required by the client.

Internet & Web related Services

CMISRC researchers collect data from a variety of sources, including surveys we conduct ourselves. CMISRC has managed many large-scale complex data entry processes using sophisticated data entry software systems. In the near future we expect to provide this service over the web. In addition CMISRC has developed vertical portal websites in different social sectors to encourage two way flow of information and strengthen various processes therein. We also use Internet and related technologies in conducting surveys in quickest possible time.

Data-Delivery and Reporting Solutions
No time to process your own data? Need your data formatted in an interactive dashboard, PowerPoint or another specific format? CMISRC's service team can process your data and deliver it a variety of handy formats. CMI can set up a data feed and automated reports to save your time and resources.

Gain a clear view of the performance of your programmes/schemes
Dashboard reports, scorecards and other interactive reports can give you instant insight into the status of your programmes/schemes. CMI can develop and implement business dashboards that provide the critical snapshot you need of your business performance. Our team of experts has both the critical business knowledge and technical expertise to work with you to ultimately deliver the most important business indicators, properly summarized and powerfully illustrated.

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